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April 20th: Isaac Newton made a +100% profit on this day, almost 300 years ago

Dear readers and finance enthusiasts, on this day (April 20th), but in 1720, Sir Isaac Newton decided he could no longer bear the frenzy of the markets around the South Sea Company shares (first IPO in England), and decided to … Continuer la lecture

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Book suggestions for students

I was asked by a student – for the purpose of a school newspaper – to suggest to students « A BOOK THAT WILL CHANGE YOUR LIFE and WHY. » Tricky question indeed. I answered with the following : Dear Student, I … Continuer la lecture

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Musique Sleepy town ain’t got the guts to budge Baby this emptiness has already been judged I wanna go out tonight, I wanna find out what I got You’re a strange part of me you’re a preacher’s girl And I … Continuer la lecture

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Novela – Shadows

Many years ago, when I was a student, I traveled across the United States, seizing every opportunity to work and earn some money just to make sure my trip would last long. After two month of hard work in Maine, … Continuer la lecture

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