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I have been coaching individuals for many years (please see below the Training section and Clients section). If you want to know more, here is a contact link: Click here. And to guide you in your thinking, here is a mini-FAQ on the subject:

How to tell whether you need a coaching?

  • You face a situation (professional or personal) in which you are unable to find a satisfactory solution, or you would like to exchange with someone on your thinking and solutions.
  • You are looking for new ideas, or you feel a dead-end / road-blocks in your process
  • You are considering a change of career, or a change in life, and either you do not know how or where to start, or you would like guidance and support
  • You have problems with certain people (individuals, groups), at work or in your personal life, and you want to improve the situation and envision all perspectives

In short, you could benefit from a personalized coaching in all situations where you would like to exchange with a professional coach, to think outside of the box and encourage new thoughts and action plans, on any type of non-technical questions *.

* If the issues you are facing are technical (e.g. « I am looking for an asynchronous ERP reporting tool, operating on a multinational basis »), you do not need a coach, rather an expert and / or consultant specialized in this field.

Coaching sessions can be made on the phone, through Zoom / Teams / Skype (…) or via a face-to-face meeting, in English or French. I am certified by the International Coaching Federation (ICF), ACC level.


For now, my clients are divided into 4 categories:

  • managers, executives and directors who face different transitions: change of position within their company, looking for new options, taking on new responsibilities, team work and leadership issues, transition between two companies or two jobs
  • entrepreneurs in all phases of their project’s life: research and design, launch and growth, business development, company sale, moving on to other projects
  • students, ranging from college students to PhD students, on issues of methodology, dissertations or career / life choices
  • professors and future professors in higher education facing different types of issues and questions: current portfolio of classes, coping with the variety of audiences and missions, energizing oneself in different phases of one’s career, consulting and business diversification


Seminars and conferences

  • The Getting Things Done method (GTD) – how to manage time and projects
  • The urgent, the important and the top priority: tools and everyday management
  • Managing emails: how to get to an empty inbox … and stay there
  • Crisis in the classroom: situations and solutions in higher and executive education
  • Powerpoint: advantages and shortcomings as a teaching and communication tool, how to make do without it
  • How to build and deliver an effective class or conference in high school and/or in front of an executive audience

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